The Sunday Review

Today’s Review is of Antonio’s Pizza in downtown Amherst, MA.

Their special pizza was Chicken Cordon Bleu pizza. This pizza was topped with bread chicken, sliced ham, and shredded bleu cheese ontop of a creme fraiche sauce.

This pizza was overall absolute creative. The breaded chicken was delicious but also unfortunately dry. The flavors all paired wonderfully together considering its a classic. As I bit down into the slice of pizza the ham, which was cut in 3 inch circles, immediately started following my teeth  and along with it came all the cheese and toppings. This left me with a piece of crust and creme fraiche sauce without toppings :(. The ham really needed to be much thinner so the customer could easily bite down without stripping the pizza of its toppings. This slice is definitely worth the money at only $3.40 its delicious, just eat it with a fork and knife!


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