I’m Back… and the belated cherry pie recipe

Months after my last post, which also had an outrageous number of comments looking for the cherry pie recipe (to follow), I am finally writing again! I will briefly take this time to acknowledge the fact that you my readers are amazing and I’m so glad you guys were coming and reading. I understand this hiatus certainly will make several readers leave but I’m sure all my classmates following me understand!

The spring semester turned into a whirlwind of exams, homework packets, review sessions, tutoring sessions, AIChE meetings, and numerous doctors appointments. But I am pleased to announce its summer, I am healthy and have enough time to supply you with some great recipes! I will try to commit to a minimum of 1 post a week for this coming fall but it is senior year and I have several exceptionally difficult classes on my plate! (Any ChemE Alum with great advice let me hear it!) Also I’m on twitter! @spolgareats

Without further adieu the cherry pie recipe. AND a ton of photos eek!

Americana Cherry Pie

 1-2 lbs. Rainier cherries (these cherries are absolutely sweet and delicious they are used to make Maraschinos!)
1 lb. Bing cherries (any dark red cherry is good here)
1/4 cp. flour
1+ cp. sugar (Note: more sugar may be necessary taste your cherries before prepping if tart add a little more sugar)
1 tsp. ginger, dried
1 tbsp. cinnamon, ground
1 tsp. nutmeg
1/2 tsp. allspice
1 pinch pepper (yes black pepper! it gives it amazing spice)
pie crust enough for 2 9″ pies (I used this recipe from Epicurious it was amazing flaky and super easy)

Pit the cherries! You can use a fancy olive/cherry pitter you spend $20 on or you can use a paring knife.

Add all ingredients except of course the pie crust! Toss. The mixture should be very dry. This is so the fruit juices will form a thick sauce as it bakes!


Roll out half of the pie crust. Place into pie dish. (The pictures come in hand here!) I chose not to trim now because I like the bottom crust to be folded onto the top crust but do what ever you are used to.

Pour the cherry mixture into the pie crust.

Roll out the second pie crust and cut into 1 inch thick strips.

Lattice the top crust. Then pinch or twist the crusts together.

Lattice-ing a top crust is relatively easy. I start with three strips across the pie. These strips are taken from the middle of the cut strips. I then fold back the outer two and place a strip horizontally across the pie. Fold down the two outer pieces. Fold up the middle piece and put a second piece across horizontally. Continue until the pie is basket-weaved.

I finish the pie off with an egg wash and a little cinnamon sugar. Bake at 350°F for about an hour or until the crust is fully cooked and the filling bubbly. If the crust begins to burn cover with aluminum foil. Serve with vanilla ice cream and friends 🙂


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