SPOLGAREATS is all about bringing food to life. I am a self-proclaimed food addict! I wake up Saturday and Sunday mornings and immediately turn on the Food Network. I squeal in excitement whenever the latest issue of Bon Appetit or Food Network Magazine arrives in my mailbox. I am constantly scouring the web for more and more food I just can’t get enough! I also absolutely love grocery shopping, in fact I sometimes do it for friends! As my boyfriend will tell you (and more accurately everyone who knows me) I am kind of a critic; he affectionately calls me a food snob. When I take the first bite of food I immediately do one of two things: profess my love for that delicious bite OR think of what I would have done differently. This persnickety behavior can be a bit off-putting to some but its just the way I am.

My name is Stephanie and I am here to share with you the greatest gifts food has to offer. I will take you through some of my own recipes. Share twists on classics. Offer my humble opinions on both restaurant and college cuisine. Talk openly about random food related stuff. AND share with you my baked creations! If you’re willing to read then I’m willing to write!


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